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How to comply with the quality of water for your crops?

For optimal quality in your crop, it is essential to have the right water for it, we design systems to meet the quality of your water and thus improve your process..

For the rejection of water from the systems, we can generate recovery projects recuperation in turn, we generate mixed water projects where the water should not be 100% treated, since we generate customized projects based on the type of crop and specific requirements.

The amount of water needed depends on the needs of the crop,this in turn depends on the climatic and physiological conditions, but in general the demand for water is 1.5 to 3 liters per day per planet.

Greenhouses today are proof of water use efficiency for the following reasons.

  1. Evo-transpiration is reduced (less radiation, higher humidity)
  2. Increased yields due to better pest and disease control
  3. Advanced irrigation techniques reduce the use of water in plants

The amount of water needed depends on the needs of the crop,, is

The drip system for crops (hydroponic) is highly measured and automated by osmosis water, making formulas with

Sodium, boron, calcium, etc.

The drippers are usually inserted or punctured in a flexible polyethylene pipe at a greater or lesser distance from each other, depending on the separation of the orchard plants


With SYPYSA's reverse osmosis demineralization system, it was possible to reduce the concentration of boron in the water for my irrigation of blackberries and blueberries


Operations Director,, Greenhouse Industry

Thanks to having maintenance policies I don't have to worry about unexpected failures in my equipment, SYPYSA's excellent service and work



Operations Manager, Food Industry


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