7R Project

7 Operation reductions for boilers: fuel, chemical product, risks of encrustation, gas emission, environmental pollution and CVH generated.

What is a 7R Project?

7 Reductions in operating costs
of boilers, fuel, chemical product, risks of fouling, gas emission, environmental contamination and CVH generated.

Concerned about the global hydrological and energy situation, SYPYSA has developed projects with savings objectives, which have a direct impact on the client's processes, reducing energy consumption, environmental impact and water reuse proposals.



  1. Reduction of fuel purchase.
  2. Reduction of production costs.
  3. Reduction of costs /CVH generated.
  4. Reduction of boiler treatment costs.
  5. Reduction of risks of scaling in boilers.
  6. Reduction of emission of gases into the atmosphere.
  7. Reduction of environmental pollution.

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